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The meaning of the unisex name Xavi is PROTECTOR OF MANKIND

Details on XAVI:

Gender: Unisex
Meaning(s): Key
Popularity for Boy: 3,951st in the USA (top 15%)
Popularity for Girl: 27312th in the USA (bottom 35%)
Themes(s) and list(s) XAVI is on:  Social SecuritySsaUnique
Latest USA SSA birth information:
The latest number of USA births for Xavi as a BOY was in 2017 with 87 births
The latest number of USA births for Xavi as a GIRL was in 2012 with 6 births

USA SSA birth(s) for XAVI:

Here is the latest 16 years from USA social security list of total babies born with the name XAVI

 XAVI as a boy

YearBoy Births
201787 births
2016122 births
2015132 births
2014168 births
2013219 births
2012242 births
2011272 births
2010257 births
2009115 births
200842 births
200721 births
200618 births
20056 births

 XAVI as a girl

YearGirl Births
20126 births

About the name XAVI

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