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The meaning of the unisex name Karson is SON OF THE MARSH DWELLERS

Details on KARSON:

Gender: Unisex
Meaning(s): Son of the marsh dwellers
Popularity for Boy: 537th in the USA (top 5%)
Popularity for Girl: 4,831st in the USA (top 15%)
Origin(s) for KARSON:  English
Themes(s) and list(s) KARSON is on:  Social SecuritySsaUnisexEnglish
Latest USA SSA birth information:
The latest number of USA births for Karson as a BOY was in 2017 with 1256 births
The latest number of USA births for Karson as a GIRL was in 2017 with 64 births

USA SSA birth(s) for KARSON:

Here is the latest 16 years from USA social security list of total babies born with the name KARSON

 KARSON as a boy

YearBoy Births
20171256 births
20161099 births
20151222 births
20141033 births
2013977 births
2012836 births
2011811 births
2010759 births
2009617 births
2008565 births
2007473 births
2006450 births
2005378 births
2004354 births
2003336 births
2002270 births

 KARSON as a girl

YearGirl Births
201764 births
201684 births
201564 births
201453 births
201374 births
201263 births
201165 births
201068 births
200959 births
200850 births
200747 births
200654 births
200577 births
200467 births
200385 births
200262 births

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