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The meaning of the unisex name Henri is VARIANT OF ENGLISH HENRY RULES HIS HOUSEHOLD..

Details on HENRI:

Gender: Unisex
Meaning(s): Variant of english henry rules his household
Popularity for Boy: 3,332nd in the USA (top 10%)
Popularity for Girl: 22,067th in the USA (bottom 20%)
Origin(s) for HENRI:  French , German , Teutonic
Themes(s) and list(s) HENRI is on:  Social SecuritySsaUniqueFrenchGermanTeutonic
Latest USA SSA birth information:
The latest number of USA births for Henri as a BOY was in 2017 with 111 births
The latest number of USA births for Henri as a GIRL was in 2016 with 8 births

The meaning(s) of HENRI:

The name Henri is a Teutonic baby name. In Teutonic the meaning of the name Henri is: Rules an estate.
Teutonic meaning
The name Henri is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Henri is: Henry 'Rules his household.
French meaning

USA SSA birth(s) for HENRI:

Here is the latest 16 years from USA social security list of total babies born with the name HENRI

 HENRI as a boy

YearBoy Births
2017111 births
2016119 births
2015104 births
201498 births
201395 births
201291 births
201196 births
201065 births
200991 births
200881 births
200773 births
200675 births
200568 births
200477 births
200366 births
200262 births

 HENRI as a girl

YearGirl Births
20168 births
20156 births
20126 births
19935 births
19866 births
19676 births
19658 births
19649 births
19616 births
196010 births
195913 births
195815 births
195710 births
19567 births
19559 births
195412 births

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