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The meaning of the girl name Freya is QUEEN OF THE GODS.

Details on FREYA:

Gender: Girl
Meaning(s): Queen of the gods
Popularity for Girl: 623rd in the USA (top 5%)
Origin(s) for FREYA:  Scandinavian , Norse , Anglo-Saxon
Themes(s) and list(s) FREYA is on:  BohemianSocial SecuritySsaVikingNordicScandinavianNorseAnglo-Saxon
Latest USA SSA birth information:
The latest number of USA births for Freya as a GIRL was in 2017 with 1069 births

The meaning(s) of FREYA:

The name Freya is an Anglo-Saxon baby name. In Anglo-Saxon the meaning of the name Freya is: Queen of the gods.
Anglo-Saxon meaning
The name Freya is a Norse baby name. In Norse the meaning of the name Freya is: Noblewoman.
Norse meaning
The name Freya is a Scandinavian baby name. In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Freya is: Lady. Derived from the name of Freyja, the Norse goddess of love and fertility and mythological wife of Odin.
Scandinavian meaning

USA birth(s) for FREYA by year:

Here is the latest 16 years from USA social security list of total babies born with the name FREYA

YearGirl Births
20171069 births
2016995 births
2015767 births
2014516 births
2013281 births
2012182 births
2011207 births
2010165 births
2009125 births
2008127 births
2007110 births
200697 births
200567 births
200461 births
200357 births
200245 births
200149 births
200034 births
199925 births
199821 births
199716 births
199620 births
199523 births
199415 births
199312 births
199220 births
199119 births
19909 births
198814 births
198717 births
198610 births
198514 births

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